Simple Striped Headband - FREE PATTERN

Chantal MiyagishimaComment

After finishing up the Forever Shawl, I wanted to use up the yummy remnants of my Blue Sky Fibers. It’s so soft that I couldn’t let it go to waste, so I whipped up this cute little twin headband to be able to pair with it while walking the dogs, or just dealing with those bad hair days.

This head band is perfect for any beginner wanting to take up knitting in the round and changing up colors. This pattern is knit in the round with no seaming necessary.



CO = Cast On 

K = Knit

P = Purl

St(s) = Stitch(es

PM = Place Marker

SM = Slip Marker

BO = Bind Off


CO64 sts on 6mm circular needles in color A

R1-2: Joining in the round PM, *K1, P1*

R3-4: SM, K all sts

R5: SM, K all sts in color B

R6-8: SM, K all in color A

R9-12: Repeat rounds 5-8

R13: SM, K all sts in color B


R14-15: SM, K all sts in color A

R16-17: SM, *K1, P1*

R18: BO all sts in rib pattern

Finishing Your Piece

Now weave in your ends, block and put it on! Do a happy dance because you just finished your #simplestripedheadband. You look fierce!



Since your stripes are only a few rows apart, carrying your color A will be helpful in eliminating weaving in ends. Should you have ANY questions please send them  to Feel free to use the #simplestripedheadband hashtag, send and tag me in any photos of your works in progress and finished pieces. I love showing you guys off on my social media sites!

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Simple Striped headbands created using this pattern may be sold with written consent first given by Chantal Miyagishima of Knitatude, Credit must be given to Knitatude / Pattern and photos can not be used for resale purposes. Please share your work with the hashtag #knitatudeknits and #simplestripedheadband to share the handmade love!