YARN SUBBING - How to Substitute Yarn

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Let’s talk yarn subs!
Have you ever been nervous to knit a pattern, because you can’t find the same yarn available, or maybe it’s out of budget for that project at the moment?

As a designer I know that everyone has a different amount of income that they can spend on a pattern, let alone the yarn to make it, so I figured I would give some tips on how to make a pattern work in your favour. I know I’ve learnt a bunch through osmosis, and still have a lot to learn, but maybe we can all help and teach each other a thing or two!

The OML Experience

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I sit here in my yarn room after just dropping Toni (TL Yarn Crafts) off at the airport, and I am sad. Actually, to be honest; I’m bawling. The Calgary; Our Maker Life event is finally coming to a close and I am feeling all the feels. Like a chunk of my soul is leaving with every plane that takes off, as my new and old friends leave my city and head back to their respective homes.

The Easy Eyelet Yoke LITE - Summer Version

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The summer time knit is a total crapshoot for us knitters. Half of us fall off the bandwagon and wait for colder temps to sneak in and actually take the summer off, while the other half are just struggling to find a project where we 1) Don’t have to knit with crazy hot wool, and 2) Can actually wear it in the next month or so.

5 Quick Tips to Going with the Flow of Knitwear Design - The Bombshell Crop Top: Collab with KenYarn

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Back in April-ish of last year, Jake from KenYarn sent me a message asking if I would like to do a collab with his company and his hand dyed yarn. I immediately said yes, and that’s where the Bombshell Crop Top came from.

Why Do You Gauge Swatch?

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Oh Brother. The gauge swatch. How is it possible that such a tiny 4x4 inch square can give us such a headache.

I remember learning to knit and not understanding what a gauge swatch was, what was the purpose of a gauge swatch and why would I waste my time knitting a four inch square to only then start the project after? Fast forward a few years… oh if I could have bitch slapped my old self, I would have. So if your like 2014 Chantal, let’s break it down so you don’t make the same mistakes as I did.

The Teddy Cardi

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I swear my new favourite thing about knitting is fuzzy knits. Mohair and alpaca have been popping up left right and center and that “halo” or super fluffy texture is just my jam. Seems like I’ve not alone either, as the world is on a craze of “Teddy Bear Coats” and I’m seeing them everywhere.

Knitting the Forever Shawl

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Back in January Frenchie of Aroha Knits put on a shawl challenge. 5 knit shawls in 5 days. Luckily they were little minis, not the full thing so I totally got behind it. So in 5 days you learnt the 5 traditional ways of how to hand knit a shawl. From triangles, to asymmetrical shawls, to square - the whole shebang, and it’s because of this course that I finally took my first dip into shawl designing and came up with the Forever Shawl. You can still sign up for that challenge and do it yourself: HERE.

Simple Striped Headband - FREE PATTERN

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After finishing up the Forever Shawl, I wanted to use up the yummy remnants of my Blue Sky Fibers. It’s so soft that I couldn’t let it go to waste, so I whipped up this cute little twin headband to be able to pair with it while walking the dogs, or just dealing with those bad hair days.

How to Price Your Knitwear

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Pricing your items when it comes to handmade is so difficult. It essentially comes down to asking yourself "How much am I worth as a person?". Too many times I see people pricing their items so low that I know there is no possible way that they can be making a profit, and it drives me crazy. It  hurts me that they aren't paying themselves what they deserve - as well as it enrages me that they are without a doubt undercutting Knitatude, myself, and the handmade community that I love.

The Mr. Rogers Cardi

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When I was designing this pattern I had Mr. Rogers in mind. Not just because of the bright red iconic sweater eh wore, but for what he stood for. Todd (my hubby - scroll down to see him!) and I had just finished watching the new Mister Rogers documentary on Netflix, and it really hit home.


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If you know me, you'll know that I am terrible at buying yarn (crazy for a knitter I know). I look at it and hum and haw forever and then cave after a couple months. Well that's the exact case with Whitney's Angel Aura colorway. I have never fallen so madly in love with one before. It's tonal, it's soft, its neutral but not, and it matches every single hair colour I've ever done. So when I finally went to make my order I got as much as I could. We’re talking a whole sweaters worth of fingering, a shawls amount of single ply fingering weight, and then this scrumptious amazing single ply super bulky.

The Diamond Knit Dress

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I started this dress actually back in February, but just knew Spring was peeking too closely around the corner. So I laid in wait, patiently (who am I kidding - impatiently) for the fall, and now, this baby can finally be set free. So I introduce you to: THE DIAMOND KNIT DRESS.

Tips to Become a Knitatude Pattern Tester

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Hello friends! I figured that since I call for pattern testers pretty often - I would explain how I pick and choose and give some tips and do's and don'ts to help better your chances of getting to test. If you're a pattern designer, maybe you can take home some tips too.

The Dark Side of Pattern Writing

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I come at you today at a fragile point. I want to first tell you that I LOVE writing patterns. I really do. Getting to test new stitches, come up with ideas, swatch things out, send out to pattern testers and be as creative as you can be is like having my world burst into color. Plus, that moment where you finally get to put on the finished piece you've designed from top to bottom is unlike any other. It's the most exhilarating experience, but I also don't want to sugar coat it because I feel like pattern writing is the newest trend in our community. So many people are delving into the pattern world and I want to show you that it's not all light and bubbly. So let's take the plunge into the dark side of what pattern writing has brought out in me.

Social Media Meltdown

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I'm tired of the game and the numbers. I'm tired of comparing myself to others. I am tired of scrolling through my social media to only feel bad about my work, my body, my wardrobe, my life. I am tired of self deprecating myself and thinking "I am not enough" when I know that I AM. I am tired of being glued to my phone and going to it every 3-7 minutes for validation and verification from other people. I am tired of seeing the fake, and the beautiful boxes with the mess covered up.

I am fucking tired of social media