Knitting The "My Beginner Raglan"

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You know when inspiration hits you and you just have to run with it? That my friends, was the "My Beginner Raglan".

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Here I was, sitting on the couch on the weekend, my patio door open and a light breeze coming in, and Todd *probably* playing guitar like in a movie scene. It was an unusually warm Feb day (hello chinnook weather front) and as I looked down at my non existent project, it hit me: A chunky, super fast to knit, bulky and cozy sweater. Since I started on my raglan kick (don't worry - you'll read all about in my next blog post), I have been obsessed with imagining all my future designs with this construction. Plus, I wanted a project that built up quickly as I waiting for yarn to come in for some other designs I have prepped.

Now, I've been imaging a bulky garter stitch sweater for a while (who doesn't love the basic stitches?) but had been totally been putting it off. But when I saw The new Lionbrand Simple Knit Sweater from Sewrella (seriously can Ashleigh do no wrong?), and the Campfire Sweater from Knitting Wonders, I knew it was my time to take a crack at it and put my own spin on it. Plus, the 6 balls of Big Twist yarn that I picked up in JoAnnes when we went to the States in the summer have been burning a hole in my mind and closet for almost half a year.

So, since I'm in compete raglan fever I knew this was going to be the difference maker. No seams, super quick to knit, and top down. Plus with finally understanding the construction of the top down raglan knit, I wanted to share to all my fellow makers who are as terrified as I was of raglans, that it's really not bad at all! Can I just say out loud that knitting a raglan is a piece of CAKE when you just follow a damn pattern and stop pussing out? I just want to scream to the rooftops "DON'T BE SCARED, YOUR HEAVEN IS ONLY A FEW NEEDLE CLICKS AWAY!".

Either way, this raglan was super fun to knit, was hella hard to test (sorry pattern testers - you went through hell and mistake after mistake but I love ya'll so much I swear), and is finally here for your enjoyment. So take the dive and make your first raglan. I promise it isn't as scary as you think it will be. It'll be finished before you know it!

Click HERE to purchase the pattern on Etsy. Click HERE to purchase the pattern through Ravelry. 

Xoxo Chantal