Is it Competition or Do you Need to Calm your Tits?

Chantal Miyagishima

Being in a community of so many crafters means that there's bound to be two people that have the same great idea at the same time. After all there's only a certain amount of "original ideas" out there. I think we have this tenancy to jump down each others throats right away instead of looking at things from a positive side. Or a neutral one. Competition makes us crazy but we shouldn't let it. Here's my "positive" way to think about some good ol' competition.  I may get flack for this... but here goes.

"Where didya get those pom poms?" A Quick Guide to Asking for Suppliers

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You're ready to take the leap, start your own biz, or maybe you're scrolling through your social media feed and really like something that someone just posted. You want to know where they got that yarn, those pom poms, those materials, etc so you head to comment section, start typing and... LET ME STOP YOU RIGHT THERE! 

Let's hit the pause button and I'll let you in on a secret: 

Cable Knitting - Why are you Scared?

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Ok! Since some of my upcoming patterns I'm releasing in the next few weeks include cables I thought it was time to tackle a blog post about them. JUST in case you have been wanting to do them but haven't yet because they freak you out. Cables. As a new knitter these are the dream, the life, the aspiration. They also look effing HARD! Turns out they are hella simple and they are nothing to be scared of.  

Favourite things #YYC Local 2016 Christmas Edition

Chantal Miyagishima

It's that time of the year and now we are in the mad scramble for Christmas gifts. Shipping cut off dates are over and we turn to shopping local to find those last minute pressies. Here are a few of my favs right here in Calgary (AKA cowtown)

How to Gain & Maintain Instagram Followers

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There's no right and wrong way of gaining and keeping followers. I'm going to come right out and say it. There's also no glorious booklet that will magically make it happen and the biggest thing I stress is that it's going to take time. A shit ton of hard work, dedication and time. If you're coming here expecting to get thousands of followers in night/day/ month - please click that little X on the top of this tab and go about the rest of your day.

That being said here are a few tips that I have ingrained in myself to get to where I am. Do I want more? Heck yes - but I know I'll have to work for it.

Perfecting that Instagram feed

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We’ve all seen it, that glorious Instagram feed that we could stare at all day and double tap every photo. We don’t do that of course cause’ that would make us look like crazies - but you have to wonder what makes it so special. Not to mention they usually have a ton of followers too! The answer? Those feeds are highly curated! Here are some tips to perfecting your Instagram feed:

We are Knitters - Bossa Nova Sweater

KnittingChantal Miyagishima

I've been on a complete sweater kick. It just goes to show that once you get bitten by the sweater bug it doesn't go away! So here is a sweater that I made back in the Spring! I'll keep updating you on the ones I've been working on!