The Confetti Crop

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Have you ever heard of Fibre Share? Well if not - this is how this story started.

Fibre Share is a fibre swap where you sign up (for $8) to be paired with two partners to trade or share fibre with. One is chosen to send to you, and one who you send to. The perfect little love triangle - except that the two others don’t meet bauauha. If you’ve ever been a part of it, you’ll know that email pairing day is like Black Friday. You’re sitting there refreshing the shit out of your email to find out who you get linked up with.

This past winter one, I was paired with Natacha from Artemis Yarns (France!), and my good friend Christie from ChristieBoddenDesigns (Victoria). As soon as I got my email I scrambled to my instagram to send a message to Natacha to tell her how much I love her yarn (which I of course do), and that she should take my whole “only neutral color palette request” and throw it out the window… Too bad that I jumped the gun. In my fluster of excitement I thought I was sending to Christie, and Natacha was sending to ME. WRONG! It was opposite! 

Natacha took it with complete humour and we decided instead to do a collab so I could still get my hot little hands on a couple of her skeins. If you haven’t seen her yarn before… click. Here. NOW. Her eye for vibrant and bright colours is unlike any one else, and she’s an astounding dyer!


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After much humming and hawing, I made the final decision and she sent me yarn in the colorway “Unicorn Poop”. It’s bright, it’s pretty, and it’s fingering weight - all things that are NOT my usual go to or jam, but I couldn’t resist. Knowing how special this yarn was, I knew it also had to be used for a special pattern and a special event: Our Maker Life.

You’re correct; the top I wore to The Calgary Our Maker Life event is from this exact collab, and I couldn’t be happier with it!


Since I was going out of my comfort zone with the bright colours, I wanted to go out of my comfort zone with my knitting skills as well, so this piece is a top down yoke with LACE. Lace, since I’ve never done it before, and the math of a yoke to tackle.


This pattern was designed with 9-12” of positive ease built in, making it the perfect flowy oversized top for layering with a high waisted skirt or dress.  With a wide scoop neck, leaf/petal-like lace interspersed in the yoke, and the majority of the body done in stockinette - this pattern is sure to keep your brain in play with some trickier parts, and become a soothing knit for the rest.

Knit top down, in the round, and seamless, this pattern is written in six sizes – S (M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL) and includes a chart for the lace section. The model (me) pictured is wearing the size M and is 5’7”, 145 pounds and has a bust of 36.5” in circumference, for reference. 

ACS_0134 (1).JPG




S – 32-34” bust

M – 36-38” bust

L – 40-42” bust

XL – 44-46” bust

2XL – 48-50” bust

3XL – 52-54” bust

*When choosing your size, measure your bust. The pattern is made to knit up to be 9-12 inches of positive ease wider.*



You will need to know how to cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch, work in the round, increase, decrease, pick up stitches, work minimal lacework, bind off


3.75 +3.5mm needles, Size 1 fingering weight yarn

Check out some of my pattern testers photos below!