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Welcome to the best collab ever!

If you know me, you'll know that I am terrible at buying yarn (crazy for a knitter I know). I look at it and hum and haw forever and then cave after a couple months. Well that's the exact case with Whitney's Angel Aura colorway. I have never fallen so madly in love with one before. It's tonal, it's soft, its neutral but not, and it matches every single hair colour I've ever done. So when I finally went to make my order I got as much as I could. We’re talking a whole sweaters worth of fingering, a shawls amount of single ply fingering weight, and then this scrumptious amazing single ply super bulky.

So about 6 months ago when I reached out to Whitney from Songbyrdy to ask for a preorder I also asked if she might want to team up and so something together at the same time! I knew exactly what I was going to pitch her for our collab too, and I'm so happy I can now show you what it is: The Diamond Stitch Cowl (Grab the pattern here on Etsy and Ravelry). You've seen this stitch popping up all over my designs lately, and I couldn't say no to using er’ again this go round. I mean common... diamonds... angel aura quartz... they are both gems. It was MEANT. TO. BE. Plus it's such a subtle delicate stitch that showcases her colorway off perfectly.

I debated on stranding this project as I went in case it color pooled (like most hand dyed yarn tends to do), but I decided against it and I'm so happy I did. It's just such a beautiful yarn, and the pooling is so slight and gentle. For some reason it kind of reminds me of the milk left over from when you ate TRIX cereal as a kid.

Also did I mention how it SMELLS!? Normally when you get indie dyed yarn it has a slightly vinegar/sheep/wool-y smell to it - which really puts me off personally. This one? Nope. It smells AMAZING! Whitney has a little trick up her sleeve to make it smell like a load of fresh clean laundry (it's not detergent I asked!). It is such a small thing, but when I put this cowl on, I feel like I could huff away.

Either way, I hope you love this cowl as much as I do. You can order a kit from her through her wesbite here, and grab the pattern here on Etsy or ravelry!

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