Perfecting that Instagram feed

Social MediaChantal Miyagishima



We’ve all seen it, that glorious Instagram feed that we could stare at all day and double tap every photo. We don’t do that of course cause’ that would make us look like crazies - but you have to wonder what makes it so special. Not to mention they usually have a ton of followers too! The answer? Those feeds are highly curated! Here are some tips to perfecting your Instagram feed:



Choose a colour palette (2-4 colours) and stick to it! By posting photos that have those colours predominantly in them will instantly create a cohesive feel to your feed. An easy way to do this is by using props in these colours for all your shots! Not sure what your color scheme your feed theme should be? Here’s some inspiration and questions to ask yourself: Are you a natural & neutral fiend like @ozetta with minimalist features? A nature lover with greens and deep autumns like @knitbrooks that include trees and Mother nature? Or are you a bright and colorful lover like myself (@knitatude) and love to include bright, bold and punchy colours? If you head to these three examples above and look at their feeds in their entirety and not just singular posts you’ll start to notice that they all have certain elements that keep their feed consistent. The answer is usually: colours.

**Since I’m greedy and I couldn’t choose I cheated. My feed changes colour Every. Single. Week. That way I can showcase all the colours of knits I have if I want. It does have a downside though. I can't snap and post a photo immediately if it’s not in my colour that week. That being said don’t forget that you can always delete a photo later on if you feel it doesn’t fit.



You've made your feed so why wouldn’t your voice be a part of it? That’s the secret and fun part about social media. People love to snoop and see who’s behind the screen! If you like comics talk about comics, if you like knitting *wink wink* talk about knitting, if you like swearing – swear. If you stay authentic to yourself people will notice and will follow you because of it. People respond to truth so don’t try to portray a fake part of yourself either. It won’t cut it and they will see through you. The best part about Instagram is seeing the knitty gritty (see what I did there?) behind the photos so give em’ some dirt and say what’s on your mind.



This is a bit more technical but trust me it will save your feed! Take ALL your photos in good light. We all have been there; 1 AM in the morning with our fingers tired and sore but we are so excited about our current #wip that we snap a photo and post it right away… In the morning we look at it and it looks grainy, dark, really blurry and doesn't remotely depict the actual colour of what you were taking a photo of. Put your best foot forward and take a beautiful shot. Instagram is all about visuals so you want to make them count. Sometimes it can even take 10-20 shots to get the best one! The examples above show: one photo taken in gross yellow bathroom lighting, one in front of a window but a wall shadowing the piece and the last with beautiful natural light shinning indirectly from a window! It makes all the difference. Don’t forget the editing tool either. Turning up the brightness alone can take your photo to the next level!

Remember you can always play around and test new things. It took me over a year and a half to naildown my insta – so test things out and then try something new! Plus, there’s no shame in deleting posts and starting all over again. Happy gramming!